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At some point in time, most websites break. Maybe your host makes changes that cause trouble. Maybe a hacker breaks in and adds some code you are unaware.


We research, plan, and design custom websites with the wow factor. We can build a unique brand identity to achieve more visibility and improve search rankings.

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Dominate desktops, tablets & smartphones with a responsive website. We design a mobile friendly sites for better engagement, reach and impact with you clients.

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Install PHPUnit on Windows from Command Line using Composer

Install PHPUnit on Windows from Command Line using Composer

Install phpunit on windows from comand line. $ composer global require phpunit/phpunit $ composer global require phpunit/dbunit $ composer global require phing/phing $ composer global require phpdocumentor/phpdocumentor $ composer global require sebastian/phpcpd $ composer global require phploc/phploc $ composer global require phpmd/phpmd $ composer global require squizlabs/php_codesni...  

Create A Website That Captures The Attention

Create A Website That Captures The Attention

LOOKING TO CREATE A WEBSITE AND GET THE BEST WEB SERVICES FOR THE BEST PRICE? With growing recognition and need for web/graphic designing, CMS websites and SEO services, there is a plethora of companies offering their undisputed services in these fields. However, it is not an easy task to find a professional company which can provide quality and cost effective services that can enhance the repu...  

Remove Schema from Woocommerce product pages

Remove Schema from Woocommerce product pages

Add this code to your main or child theme functions.php file.  Decide what data you want removed and use the snippet that allows you to do that. /** * Remove all product structured data. */ function ace_remove_product_structured_data( $types ) { if ( ( $index = array_search( 'product', $types ) ) !== false ) { unset( $types[ $index ] ); } return $types; }...  

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