Custom Business CMS Website

Custom Business CMS Website

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Custom Web Content Management System (CMS)

At Affordable Programmer, we specialize in building custom cms / WordPress similar sites created to your specifications. We do this using PHP's Laravel that hands down are better and faster than any WordPress site you can find. We develop these with the same type of admin management style as WordPress and with the same, less or more options than any WordPress site.


These Custom Laravel CMS sites created by Affordable Programmer are Much faster than a custom WP site and therefore do not have the same speed errors and warnings in google and bings webmaster tools.

Your custom Laravel CMS is not restricted to a particular industry or specialization; it’s aimed to support and serve what you need regardless of whatever services or product you provide. We mold the site to fit your requirements.

Your Custom website is a content management system that is developed with a standardized collection of tools and packages that are used to build and maintain a sustainable web presence.

Responsive Layout

Your Admin is built with the most advanced bootstrap framework, to make your application more powerful.

Lightweight UI/UX

Simple architecture made much easier to handle your need using the power of Laravel.

24/7 Support System

We provide the best support team to assist you round-the-clock.

1 Year Warranty

All sites we build come with 1 year of free support and modification. We want you to be happy with your site. We build sites you can depend on.


One of the best things about Laravel is its ability to be extended upon to make it more user-friendly. If you need your site to do something it does not or was not made to do; it is in most cases easily adaptable to those needs. Whether its a package or new form or simply new functionality the new site we create for you will meet those needs.

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