Free Website Submission Sites

Free Website Submission Sites

Most of the sites that give tips on submitting to search engines are full of so much 'extra crap' that it's confusing. Many try to convince you that it's better to pay them to do the work.

Free Website Submission Sites.

Meta Tags: Are very important (to some search engines - Meta Tags are not DEAD to ALL search engines! ! ). (Put them inside the 'head' tag i.e. right behind ). Use the description and the keywords attributes as shown:

(to prevent search engines from using a cache copy of your page)

Note 1: Besides the meta tags most search engines pay close attention to the title. Therefore, make sure each page has a unique descriptive title.

Note 2: A few larger search engines have stopped using the meta / keywords. However, some still use the meta description. And a few smaller search engines Do still use 'keywords' And the more links you have to a page - the higher the rating in search engines. So when you read Meta Tags are Dead - that is misleading (some search engines still use keywords). And all of the search engines use some of the Meta tags!

Note 3: The info should be Honest (i.e. trying to pad a web site with words not related to your site will only result in your banishment from that search engine)

Note 4: On your web page, the opening sentences (usually opening 25 words) are what Some search engines use for a page description. What I often do, is use the same sentence(s) for the meta description and the opening sentence of the page.

My Favorite Free Submission.

Google AllTheWeb The following sites require you to find the right section for your page!! DMOZ (my favorite) Note: For DMOZ and Yahoo, you first need to use their search engine with various combinations of your best key words. Then you'll find the category used by your competition. You can also view the source code of some of the higher rated competition. That way you can see if they have some keywords you missed. But again, don't pad you keywords - use only keywords that really relate to your site.

Some Free Directories

(Note: Some directory listings are not crawled by all search engines - BUT all links help.)

Good Free Engines

(Note: Sometimes you have to read carefully to find the section that is free i.e. some free and some commercial submittal are on same page or site.)
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