Tips for Hiring a Freelance Developer

Tips for Hiring a Freelance Developer

Hiring a freelance developer is the most cost-effective approach when building and managing websites. You get the most value out of your dollars invested.  This is because a freelance developer usually charges less than most big and established IT companies developing websites.

You can also get your project to be done at a faster time since you are dealing directly with the developer. This is different from companies that outsource their coding to other countries (such as in Asia) that usually takes a lot of time because of long communication lines between the account managers (in the US for example) and the actual developers.

If you are dealing straight with a freelance developer, then there is no middle man involved, and you can get your project to be communicated clearly with the developer.

Most of my clients hired me to do the following:

  1. Install and setup websites using the most popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. This is especially useful if you want to setup your websites correctly and do not have technical knowledge in configuring your websites, domains or database. I usually charge $200 to $350 as a flat rate for the entire services that includes the following:
    1. Configuring your domain to work with your host. This is usually name server and DNS adjustments which can be tricky for beginners. If you do not have a domain, then you should have one. If you do not know how to register a domain, we can help you with that also.
    2. Setup your domain with your preferred CMS. This includes installation of the themes, preferred plugins and databases. One of the most popular CMS is WordPress that is free and secure.
    3. Deployment and testing.  

    The project is usually completed with your approval of course.  

    To get started, contact me to discuss your project.

    The work is usually completed within a week that includes completing the CMS installation, themes,additional designs, plugins, etc. except content.

    1. PHP coding project. If you want to create or improvise a certain web application but do not know how to do it, I can code your project at a flat rate most the time so do not hesitate to ask. Depending on whether it needs to be interfaced with a MySQL database. For most coding projects, they are usually completed one to three days after payment.

    The code will be deployed in your server and will be tested for functionality and compatibility. It is optional that you want me to upload and integrate the code to your existing website. Implementation would be as easy as uploading the scripts so there is no need for you to provide us your FTP or cpanel login. Contact me here to discuss your coding projects.

    1. Onsite SEO tweaks – there are several ways on doing ways:
      1. Redirecting one domain to another
      2. Selecting one canonical version of your URLs
      3. Removing duplicate content from your domain
      4. Making the site easy to crawl by search engines.
      5. Improving the user-experience with some tweaks on the site structure.
      6. Optimize the title coding as well as other important factors.
      7. Remove spammy sections in your domain.
      8. Adding a sitemap XML on your site and submitting it to Google webmaster tools.
      9. Adding important analytics code for SEO data.
      10. Speeding up the website loading.

    Most of my clients are clueless about onsite SEO, so if you are one of them, you can contact me and I can help get the work done and posibly help you learn some of it.  Typically I charge around $300 to $500 for complete onsite SEO tweaks package (resolving all potential onsite SEO issues found in your domain).

    Depending on the size of your domain, this usually takes around 3 days to one week. If you do not like someone to access your site, you can get my consultation at the same price. I will be providing you onsite SEO report and you will be implementing it on your website. Of course , if you want some guidance on the implementation I can give you free support that is already included in the onsite SEO tweaks package. If you want to obtain this service, let’s talk about it

    1. Need some help on server management – We know Linux and its commands a lot, so if you own a VPS/Dedicated hosting and want to do something but just cannot solved. I can help you on that. Typical server management includes running cron, backups, installation of new modules, some directives to be added on your configuration or .htaccess files, etc- all Unix/Apache/Linux stuff.

    Most problems can be resolved in a day and I can charge $50 for simple tasks. $100 and beyond for more complex server management. Contact me and I will give you the exact quote.

    1. Clean hacked websites – ouch. Most website owners are afraid to clean their website because they will be infected also. Yes its true especially if your using Windows operating system that is very vulnerable to malware attacks.

    When I clean your website from scratch, I will check first that current status, isolate your site from the Internet, change all passwords, make some backups and then do a fresh install of your affected CMS/software.

    In all changes, I am using Linux operating system and SSH connection so it will be very hard in terms of security than working on Windows OS.

    I typically charged around $200 to $300 for complete website clean and it can be done in a day or two (depending on the size of your website). This includes filing a re inclusion request to Google to remove the malware warnings every time a new visitor comes to your website. It also removes the malware warnings found in the search engine ( such as this site may harm your computer warning). If your site is hacked, contact me if you want to restore it safely.

    1. MySQL database administration help - if you are an ordinary website business owner or webmaster and having issues with retrieving or inserting complex data in your MySQL database, then I can help you on this. What

    I will do is to formulate some queries, or rules to extract the necessary data needed by your business. Depending the size of your database and the amount of data to be extracted or exported, I will typically charge around $30-500 for a single transaction that can be done within the day. To get started, get it in touch with me here.

    1. Website administration and maintenance service- this is very helpful. Consider this scenario of a typical online business owner or entrepreneur:
      1. You start an online business and its growing. You plan to write more content and add more services/products to your website.
      2. To avoid losing customers and to maintain the traffic, you will continually market your website and promote it.
      3. You hire developers that will be helping your site. You post the jobs in forums or other job sites. Since you are paying the developer on a per project basis, you will incur big cost on project development than paying them on a monthly basis at a affordable rates.

    The above three things consumes a LOT of time and money for an ordinary website owner or webmaster. Thus, the owner/webmaster cannot focus on important website administration tasks such as doing backups, updating software, coding, etc.

    Hiring a developer on a project basis can be expensive. It is why I’m offering this monthly service to website owners and webmasters. You will get the following benefits:

    1. You will only pay per month to do all of the website coding, administration and maintenance in your website. This saves you a lot of money and time in hiring a developer on a project basis.
    2. You can focus on more important work that is writing the content, promoting/marketing your products and communicating with your customer. And leave all technical tasks to your admin.

    At small amount each month you will surely have a return on investment. By hiring an admin, the following will be the typical activities on daily basis:

    • Security of the website
    • Doing periodic backups of template files and database.
    • Optimizing the website for search engine crawl-ability.
    • Doing some PHP coding to add some features on your website (at your request).
    • Important MySQL database administration.
    • Important server administration (changes to .htaccess, etc).
    • Doing some changes in the website design (css, JavaScript and HTML work).
    • Improvements to speed up the website loading.
    • Installation of analytics tracking to analyze a customer behavior on the website.

    If you want someone technical to maintain your site, click here to get started.

    1. Web development/Linux/Wordpress tutorials – if you want me to write a professional tutorial, cool. I usually charge around $50 per article of these tutorials with around 1500 words.
    This tutorial is unique and should help your visitors getting to know about web development/Linux and WordPress.

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