About Us

About Us

Affordable Programmer is the best source for Online Programmers who can work on anything you need, from websites to software we can get it done. We specialize in repairing existing code or simply rebuilding it better.

Every custom site we develop is to responsive design. With today’s various ways to get on and see the internet, we think that responsive is a requirement and a must. Let us help you reach all your customers today.


At some point in time, most websites break. Maybe your host makes changes that cause trouble. Maybe a hacker breaks in and adds some code you are not aware of. Maybe it never worked the way you wanted it to and now are just wanting it the right way.


There is no charge until we assess your issues and determine that we can help. Once we've established we can resolve your issue we bill On Demand Support at a flat-rate.


Development and Design are actually our passion, your success is actually our goal, and these qualities combined with marketing standards are precisely what set you apart within the industry.

Hire our e-commerce website design programmers to help you compete with top online stores. Our affordable website design packages can help you achieve your desired goals.


Dominate desktops, tablets & smartphones with a responsive website. Hire Affordable Programmer our company to design a mobile friendly site at best price for better reach and impact.


We research, plan, and design custom websites that have what we call the wow factor. Hire our programmers and build a unique brand identity to achieve more visibility and improve your search rankings.


Want to drive keyword-specific traffic to your site, but don’t have time for SEO? You can grab a top-three spot immediately through Google Adwords, which lets you bid on clicks into your site.

You only pay when someone clicks, so calculating and managing ROI is easy.

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